Immediate SEO audit of your site

Our SEO specialists are experienced in web page analysis. You can entrust them with the immediate SEO audit of your site and thus obtain the evaluation of your visibility in the results of search engines.

This service has the advantage of being able to be implemented on all platforms, whatever their size and nature. This audit consists of an objective assessment of the situation, and allows us to identify blocking factors to the good referencing of your site, but also to validate the good practices that have been adopted. It is clearly distinguished from SEO optimization, which corresponds to the application of the recommendations listed in the SEO audit.


How long does an SEO audit take?

The duration of an SEO audit depends mainly on the size of the website. Indeed, the more content there is, the more time our webmarketing experts need to analyze them conscientiously.

The SEO audit involves first of all the technical examination of your website or your store. The information provided by Google Search Console is informative, but it is not sufficient. We must use Xenu to determine the weight of pages, redirection errors and inaccessible resources. In addition to that, the examination of the content of your web pages, it allows to highlight the keywords by which your prospects are likely to find you in the engines, as well as the degree of optimization of your texts.

It is also a question of carrying out an audit of the popularity of your site. We can use Ahrefs and Majestic SEO in order to identify the backlinks you haveand note all their characteristics (their origin, their anchor, percentage dofollow / nofollow etc.)

What types of sites can be audited?

From newly created digital storefronts to e-commerce sites with many pages, blogs and various social networks: all sites can be subject to an SEO audit.

FAQ SEO Audit Geneva

😎 Who are SEO audits for?

SEO audits are intended for all professionals who wish to take stock of their online visibility. They are also indicated to companies that want to know if they need to revise their SEO strategy.

💲 How much does an SEO audit cost?

The implementation of an SEO audit necessarily costs several hundred euros. It implies the assistance of several Geneva-based SEO specialists who have the know-how for the ON-Page analysis as well as the evaluation of the popularity of the site.

🔗 Is an SEO audit a backlink audit?

An SEO audit is not limited to the only audit of baklincks. In addition to the inventory of the incoming links, this service requires to study a multitude of technical parameters as well as the considerations inherent in the optimization of the contents.

⌛️ When to do an SEO audit?

You may need an SEO audit a few weeks after your website goes live. This service is also useful if your platform is older.