Expert Agency in SEA Bing Ads

For several years, we have been helping Swiss professionals to promote their offers in the results of French and international search engines. So, if you want to put the spotlight on your business, we invite you to call on our agency expert in the management of Bing Ads campaigns.

Microsoft's ad network can be an additional acquisition lever for your business, or can replace Google Ads sponsored links entirely, depending on your objectives. Bing Ads is associated with lower CPCs for advertisersThis is due to less competition from its American counterpart.

FAQ Bing Microsoft PPC Agency in Geneva

❓ Who has an interest in promoting on the Bing Microsoft network?

All professionals wishing to improve their visibility have an interest in using sponsored links via Bing Ads, whether they are small businesses or large advertisers who already benefit from Adwords.

💲 What budget should you allocate to Bing Ads campaigns?

Our consultants will help you calculate your target cost per acquisition, an important factor in determining the right budget for your Bing Ads campaigns.

🔗 Bing sponsored links, how much does it cost?

The total investment includes the management of the campaigns as well as the direct costs generated by the clicks of the Internet users on the ads.

⌛️ How long does it take to implement a Bing Ads campaign?

Our paid search agency in Geneva is known for its responsiveness. Our teams mobilize so that your ads can appear quickly on the Bing Ads network. However, the creation of sponsored links campaigns requires a few hours of work beforehand.