Print and visual identity Logos, flyers, brochures in Geneva

Would you like to use communication materials with a real impactful design?

Our graphic design agency in Romandie is at your service! We take care of all your print creations and can design for you a strong, distinctive visual identity. It is essential that you have your own graphic style, capable of conveying your values and carrying your ambitions high.

We specialize in creating logos, designing graphic elements that can be used on digitized platforms like your websiteas well as the development of printed communication materials.

You already have a graphic charter that fully satisfies you? We comply strictly with its rules and decline your identity on the physical graphic supports you need.

FAQ Print and visual identity, logos, flyers, brochures in Geneva

❓ What is visual identity?

The visual identity of your company gathers all the elements / patterns that identify you. This identity is mainly embodied by a logotype (more commonly called logo), colors, fonts and various graphic elements mobilized as part of your digital strategy.

💲 How much does a logo cost?

The price of a professional logo can vary from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros, all depends on the time needed to design it and the experience of the graphic designer involved. By soliciting a web agency, you have more guarantees about the quality of service provided.

⌛️ How long does it take to create a logo?

Several weeks of work are required to create an attractive logo, which is fully in line with your communication strategy. This type of project often requires the study of existing logos in your sector of activity, the analysis of your needs, then the realization of the logo, which implies several round-trips between the creator and your teams.

❓ Why use an agency for your logo and visual identity?

By trying to create yourself a free logo, you have all the chances to miss your project. It is preferable to entrust this service to people whose job it is, specialists in the communication of information by the image that are the graphic designers. Because of their experience, their mastery of color codes as well as graphic design software, they are the professionals best able to meet your expectations.