Digital has changed your customer relationship

Let's share a coffee

The expression of your needs over a coffee in Geneva

Review your strategy to improve your ROI

Are you sure you are implementing the marketing actions your website really needs? Many companies do not get the return on investment they hope for due to lack of proper advice.

Our teams will help you develop or review your digital strategy in Geneva. To do so, we invite you to participate in a workshop over a tasty coffee. This is an opportunity to discover the nature of your business, its history and its prospects.

A personalized accompaniment

It is difficult to build an efficient strategy when you have your head in the sand, even if you have a perfect command of your core business. Our outside eye allows you to get an objective look at your online business. It is not a question of promoting a standardized service, but of offering you a personalized accompaniment, whatever the stage of development of your company in Geneva or the surrounding area.

We determine with you achievable marketing objectives, according to your financial and human resources. The organization of workshops is the best opportunity to get to know each other and to advance your web project. This workshop has the advantage of being free, it does not oblige you to commit yourself.

What risk are you taking by contacting us?

The right tools for your strategy

A website to your image

During this exchange, we will determine the channels through which you have an interest in conveying your values. If you don't have a website, we can create a platform that is easy to manage and adapted to your target audience. Respectful of your brand image, this environment gives you the possibility to generate sales if you launch an online store, or other forms of conversions within the framework of a showcase site. It is designed so that the user experience of your customers / prospects is optimal, this is the principle of UX design.

Services promoted to your targets

To develop your company's visibility, our SEO specialists identify the expressions likely to generate traffic. They use content marketing and optimization of your existing content. Their actions can be completed by the animation of a community on the social networks, it is the work of community management.

The measurable results of your digital strategy

It's not enough to define a viable digital strategy and implement it correctly. It is then necessary to measure its effects. The use of performance indicators (KPI) is essential in this sense. We install the appropriate trackers and evaluate your objectives through monthly reports.

For example, A/B testing is beneficial in many ways. It allows you to improve the user experience and ultimately improve the conversion rate.

The organization of a campaign of sponsored links offers quickly instructive information on your Internet users. Indeed, the study of the data provided by Google Adwords brings a light on your prospects and the behaviors they adopt.

Thus, we have the necessary information to optimize your marketing and communication campaigns, and to adjust your digital strategy in Geneva if necessary.