Expert Agency in SEA Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly Adwords, is Google's online advertising program, whose real name is now Google Ads. It gives professionals the opportunity to highlight their offers through commercial links. These are of the advertisements presented in the Google search results, but also on Youtube, Gmail and partner websites of the display network.

By entrusting the management of your campaigns to our expert agency in Google Ads in Geneva, you are guaranteed to see your offers presented to qualified prospects.

In addition, you will have a single point of contact, a referrer specialized in SEA actions.


FAQ Google Ads Partner Agency in Geneva

❓ Who is Google Ads (Adwords) for?

Google Ads is indicated to all professionals who aspire to maximize their online visibility, provided that their goods and services are not among the offers that Google prohibits to broadcast on its network (counterfeit, dangerous products etc.).

💲 What is the right budget for Google Ads?

Several criteria are to be taken into consideration when determining the adequate Ads budget. These are among others the conversion rate, the average shopping cart or the level of budget allocated to other traffic acquisition levers.

💲 How much does a Google Ads sponsored campaign cost?

The cost of a Google Ads campaign depends on the maximum bids you wish to accept and the budget you have decided to allocate. It is estimated that the average CPC varies between 1 and 2 euros.

⌛️ How long does it take to run your ads?

Google Ads allows you to broadcast your ads very quickly, in theory. However, the configuration of the account and all the steps inherent to the creation of a campaign require several hours of work.