Community Management Agency on LinkedIn in Geneva

Far from being the most used social network, it remains particularly useful for professionals who aspire to develop their business.

It is indeed the privileged place for Build relationships with potential customers and increase awareness of your company. That being said, it is necessary to master all its features to take full advantage of it.

By being accompanied by our Community Management agency on LinkedIn in Geneva, you can be sure to communicate effectively on this platform.

It is up to our teams to determine the resources to produce and share, to interact with your contacts or to determine the interest of using advertising (LinkedIn Ads).

Why choose us?

Our clients in Romandie can testify that we have taken the time to understand their business in order to deploy a digital communication that gives them full satisfaction. Moreover, our community management experts in Geneva master all the Linkedin functionalities and are able to take advantage of them. Moreover, we have a certain experience in the animation of social networks of all kinds of companies and are thus able to manage your e reputation.

Case study

Recently, we were entrusted with the management of a company page of a mobile application publisher.
After enriching the profile with information, we published content praising the merits of this development team. The idea was to show professionals that they were able to meet their customers' expectations as closely as possible by using the agile method. In the same way, the use of hashtags and the publication of infographics showing the assets of their service allowed to arouse the curiosity of many other companies.

FAQ Community Management on Linkedin in Geneva

đź‘€ What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the name of a professional social network of American origin launched in 2002. It gives the opportunity to build a professional network by publishing content and interacting with other members, whether they are employees, managers or directly from companies.

âť“ Linkedin c'is for whom?

LinkedIn is for professionals who want to develop their business or those who want to highlight their skills.

đź›’ Linkedin how does it work?

To network on this platform, it is necessary to register. However, it is important to distinguish the creation of a company page, one of the professional solutions of LinkedIn, from the opening of a personal profile. These operations, as well as those inherent to the creation of groups and showcase pages, we can carry them out for you.