Technical maintenance of websites in Geneva

Procab Studio takes care of all the operations aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of your digital platform. We show rigor in the accomplishment of these tedious tasks from which you are relieved, and especially intervene if necessary with reactivity.

Within the framework of a technical maintenance of website in GenevaIn addition, we are responsible for troubleshooting your site when necessary, but also for implementing preventive maintenance.

Have you noticed a graphic anomaly or identified a malfunction?

We make a diagnosis and provide the appropriate solution. At the same time, we update the applications that need to be updated, back up the database and, if you wish, perform webmastering services.

Maintenance of a WordPress site

The preventive and corrective maintenance of a WordPress website is one of the services offered to professionals in Geneva. When a digital storefront is not properly maintained, it is subject to external aggressions, as well as to shortcomings that affect its proper functioning.

The main way to avoid these pitfalls is to set up your platform carefully, apply security patches, and take action if there are any problems. Our experts ensure that the latest version of WordPress is installed, manage potential conflicts between plugins, and keep your platform running smoothly. In addition, we also detect broken links that disrupt navigation and may affect the SEO of all your content. The maintenance contract includes, if you wish, other services such as the integration of articles with optimized visuals.

FAQ Technical maintenance of a website in Geneva

⚙ What is the maintenance of a website?

The maintenance of a website refers to several operations intended to ensure the functioning of the platform. They are in principle presented each week or each month to the editor of the site within the framework of a reporting and can be accompanied by additional services which aim at revitalizing the platform, such as the creation of graphic elements which decorate the new publications.

💲 How much does it cost to maintain a website?

The maintenance of a website includes the inherent tasks related to preventive maintenance, to which are added the curative maintenance operations. This service turns out to be more economical than calling a computer technician on a one-time basis to troubleshoot your website in an emergency.

⌛️ How long does it take to maintain a website?

The time required for emergency interventions, i.e. so-called corrective maintenance operations, depends on the nature of the problems encountered. However, when we talk about technical maintenance, we mean debugging and solving unexpected problems as well as tasks aimed at preventing the occurrence of the slightest failure.

❓ Why use an agency for the maintenance of a website?

By requesting the services of our communication agency in Romandie, you free yourself from several time-consuming tasks and you can focus on your core business. More importantly, you can be sure that any technical problem will be solved in the shortest possible time and that you can continue your activity, in spite of some failures.