Marketing automation agency in Geneva

Are your website visitors hesitant? Are you looking for a way to convert them more? By using targeted communication actionsYou will give yourself the means to reach your goals and even free up some free time.

Our marketing automation agency in Geneva supports your prospects and customers in their purchasing decision, optimizing the results of your various marketing campaigns.

It is mainly about taking advantage of the information left by your visitors and planning actions according to their respective behaviors.

For example, we can schedule an email to be sent on their birthday.


Why choose us?

First of all, our intervention allows companies to reach the different classic objectives they set for themselves: conquering new prospects, reducing their sales cycle, obtaining more leads, etc.
Secondly, our digital agency in Romandie excels in the management of all channels mobilized in the framework of marketing automation. More importantly, the Swiss companies that have called on us for this service have obtained convincing results and have become loyal clients.

Case study

Let's take a very telling example to illustrate how marketing automation works. One of our clients, an e-merchant in Geneva, has put his trust in us to develop his turnover. We set up the appropriate tool so that two distinct actions are carried out without human intervention at the end of an order. The marketing automation software checks if it is a first purchase and sends a 15% coupon to each new customer. Customers who have already ordered from the store in the past receive a loyalty program offer.

FAQ Marketing Automation Agency in Geneva

❓ What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the automation of targeted marketing actions, triggered by a predefined condition and according to the user's behavior.

😎 For whom?

All companies in the Greater Geneva area and its surroundings (Meyrin, Collonge-Bellerive, Versoix etc.) can benefit from marketing automation. This being said, this technique is particularly aimed at those who wish to improve their customer relations, optimize the results of their e-mail marketing and more generally at professions that already generate a certain number of leads.

❓ How does it work?

Automated marketing actions are initiated when the scenarios defined beforehand are carried out. For example, you can decide to send an e-mail to any new Internet user who subscribes to the newsletter in order to present him/her with your most important discounts.