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Website photo shooting in Geneva

Procab Studio accompanies you in the optimization of your communication through images.

Thus, we offer you a photo shooting service of websites in GenevaWe offer a custom-made service that allows you to animate and illustrate your platform without having to call upon a professional photo studio in Romandie.

To give you full satisfaction, we work meticulously with materials and lights and enhance your entire offer, whether it is for product prints or shots taken within your establishment.

There are many reasons why Swiss companies turn to us, we save them from buying or renting expensive, sophisticated equipment, save them from learning professional photography techniques and free them from publishing photos that don't really pay tribute to their business.

Creation of product photos in Geneva

Among the services offered by our web agency, we count the creation of product photos in Geneva. Various Swiss companies have already called upon our teams to immortalize the offers they promote directly for sale on their online store, but also products presented in product catalogs of showcase site and those relayed on social networks.

To do this, it is up to us to carry out all the necessary steps, from cleaning to post-production retouching, including colorimetry and clipping.

The success of your photo prints requires the respect of several conditions, we refer in particular to the stabilization of the camera, the search for the ideal angle and of course the care brought to the work of edition. We provide you with product-accurate photographs, illustrations that we optimize in size.

FAQ Website photo shooting in Geneva

đź“· What is a corporate photo shoot?

The corporate photo shoot can refer to the capture of images of products to be sold, but also the taking of atmospheric photos and portraits. Exposure time, diaphragm opening, light sensitivity... our teams take into account these different technical aspects when they invest in such a project.

đź’˛ How much does a photo shoot cost?

The cost of this service is likely to vary from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros. It depends on the number of people to be mobilized, the equipment to be used and the image processing to be implemented.

⌛️ How long does it take to complete a photo shoot?

The time required to finalize this service depends mainly on the number of photos to immortalize. It also depends on the diversity of the places where the pictures must be taken.

âť“ Why use an agency for a photo shoot?

If you want to promote your offer with professionalism, it is essential that you delegate a photo shoot to professionals in this field. These people are able to produce accurate pictures that accurately represent who you are and what you do.