Magento ecommerce website creation in Geneva

Among the professionals of Romandie who call upon our services, there are companies well decided to prosper thanks to e-commerce. They benefit from our expertise in Magento website creation in Geneva. Our developers and web design experts collaborate hand in hand to deliver e-commerce sites that are as attractive as they are pleasant to navigate.

They master all the specificities of this Open Source solution which has already benefited multinationals in their creation and development of their website.

For our Swiss customers, it is a breeze to integrate a product catalog and enrich it on Magento. In the same way, they have the opportunity to implement their digital marketing strategy without difficulty.

100% SEO Friendly

An online store with little traffic is of little interest. Companies wishing to build an online business can take advantage of Magento's SEO friendly nature to increase their visibility.
When handled by specialists, this open source solution allows a light HTML code, essential for a complete and fast indexing of contents. From Simple Google Shopping to Jirafe through ReloadSEO, various extensions can be added to promote natural referencing on Magento. If we can work on internal linking and take care of the optimization of texts, images and videos, we also try to provide tools that allow customers to comply directly with the rules set by Google when they update their platform.

FAQ Magento website creation in Geneva

đź‘€ What is the creation of a Magento site?

The creation of a Magento website refers to a process that ultimately aims to deliver a store powered by this CMS of American origin. A digital project that involves the following operations: installation of the server, selection of the domain name, choice of the theme or definition of a graphic model ex nihilo, addition of the catalog, parameterization of the payment methods etc.

đź’˛ How much does a Magento website cost in 2020?

The Magento e-commerce platform is free. However, in order to have a quality e-commerce website, which benefits from a smart graphic design and which can allow you to meet your commercial objectives, you must entrust its creation to web marketing professionals. The cost of the service depends on the size of the store and the features to be integrated.

đź›’ What are the different types of Magento sites?

First of all, e-merchants from all sectors of activity use this e-commerce software to sell their products: furniture, gardening, reading, connected objects, spare parts, etc. We also distinguish the simple Magento store used by a brand or a retailer from the marketplace which concentrates several sellers.

âť“ Why use an agency for your Magento website?

It is the right solution when you want to promote your offers efficiently. An agency such as ours provides its Geneva-based clients with a sales medium that is easy to administer and fully respects their visual identity.