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Don't they say that a picture is worth a thousand words?

This adage is also true in the web marketing world. Too much data legitimately gives many professionals a headache.

Our web agency Google Data Studio in Geneva answers this problem. We allow you to measure the results of your actions and help you make decisions.

There is no need to train yourself in this visualization application, we will take care of creating graphs and more widely relevant reports, which you can share with your collaborators and partners.


FAQ Google Data Studio in Geneva

❓ How do I set up Data Studio?

The tool is available on the data studio website. After clicking on "Create" then "Report", you have access to a multitude of data sources. Then you just have to select the data you want to use. If the creation of a first table or is rather obvious, configuring Data Studio efficiently remains a job to be reserved for Analytics professionals.

What is the price of a Data Studio service?

The cost of a Google Data Studio service depends on the amount of data to be interpreted and the complexity of the reports to be produced.

⌛️ How long does a Data Studio service last?

The duration of a Data Studio service depends first of all on the number of data that the company wishes to exploit. This service can be profitable to a company on the long term insofar as the collected figures evolve daily.

😎 Who is Data Studio for?

Google Data Studio has the ability to meet the expectations of website owners who want to make the data their tools collect talk. This free solution is as popular with the marketing departments of large organizations as it is with small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers.