Web Design and UX Agency in Geneva | What is ux and design ?

The acronym UX stands for User eXperience, literally the experience the user has when interacting with a product or service such as a website.

In our case, UX design can be defined as the approach that takes into account the user experience when designing a digital storefront.

In other words, UX design aims to increase the performance of a website by making it perfectly compliant with the requirements of its visitors. You doubt its real usefulness?

You should know that a study shows that more than 7 out of 10 Internet users do not come back to a website if they did not like their first experience on the platform. Therefore, it is essential to provide a rich user experience and not just present your products or services.

FAQ Design and UX Agency in Geneva

❓ Why do UX and Design?

Today's competition on the Internet is ruthless. You can invest massively in communication, attracting more or less qualified visitors, without succeeding in converting them. The implementation of the UX design must allow to generate an emotional feeling in the user which incites him to come back on the website, if not to facilitate his conversion.

💲 How much does UX and Design cost?

A UX Design service is part of the overall cost of creating a website or its redesign. We can only guarantee that our collaborators who excel in the practice of graphic design are mobilized for many hours each time we create a new platform.

⌛️ How much time does it take for UX and Design?

The time required cannot be separated from the time required to design your website or your e-commerce store. It depends on the work to be done for the prototyping phase and the one dedicated to user testing.

😎 Who is the UX and Design for?

UX concerns all professionals who want to promote their products or services online in the best possible way. It is widely recommended to use this discipline when launching a new site, as well as when an existing platform has a performance deficit (high bounce rate, low sales, numerous shopping cart abandonments, etc.).