Eurex - Website redesign - Procab studio

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1. Challenge

Eurex is an international accounting firm.

With a team of over 850 employees and more than 60 offices, it was key to be able to highlight the DNA of the group and the know-how of each office.

A tailored and local approach is offered to each of Eurex's clients.

A whole reflection was therefore carried out to bring a "glocal" answer (Global and local with the implementation of a complete digital device.



2. Solution

The collaboration between the Procab and Eurex teams at all times allowed the various objectives set at the beginning of the project to be achieved.

Special attention was paid to the webmarketing part which covered many issues on the tracking part, implementation of KPIS, monitoring of all data sources, transition between the old and the new site and many others.

A digital strategy was developed and implemented upstream of the project with the involvement of the webmarketing team from the very beginning of the website design discussions.

A real synergy exists between our 2 teams (Web and webmarketing) which allows us to guarantee the most efficient approach possible for the client.

Finally, to address the issue of autonomy of practices, we used the WordPress CMS and a store locator module so that each practice has its own page.

Finally, avery special attention was paid to the implementation of a real web charter. A graphic universe and a choice of visuals were worked on in order to be in phase with the values of the Eurex company, its brand DNA and its expertise.