Prestige Real Estate Site

FGP Swiss & Alps

1. Challenge

FGP Swiss & Alps is a brand new dimension in the field of prestigious real estate. A subsidiary of the Comptoir Immobilier Group, FGP Swiss & Alps was created in 2021 to offer a range of rare properties for sale and rent. The creation of the website was an essential element for the smooth launching of the project.
As a subsidiary of great renown, it was essential that the image reflected by the site corresponded to that of the group.

The objectives were therefore:

  • Creation of a clean visual identity
  • Adding call to actions to achieve objectives
  • Putting forward the notion of rarity and exception
  • A special emphasis was put on the animations
  • A good understanding of the relationship between the subsidiary and the group

2. Solution

A large number of workshops were organized between the different collaborators and our team in order to establish together a strategy in coherence with the business objectives of the subsidiary. The role of the art director was enormous in this project since the image of FGP Swiss & Alps was going to be reflected in this first site.
We have therefore created a site quite sober to respect the expected prestical spirit. A flow has been developed in order to bring up the concerned goods.
Our UX experts, in collaboration with the FGP teams,
worked hand in hand in order to obtain a successful site as much on the design / UX level as on the technical and functional level.
The site is now the catalog of FGP Swiss & Alps real estate.

Note that, as a large site, before this one was completed we developed a one page to support the presence of the brand before its official launch.