Web agency creation of emailing and newsletter in Geneva

You want to bring more visitors to your website?

Would you like to not only increase your visibility, but also generate more leads and convert them into customers?

Call on our web agency for emailing and newsletter creation in Geneva!

Before initiating a campaign, we help you define your marketing objectives. Then we tailor your message to your target audience.

After the first e-mailings, our teams carry out an in-depth reporting, a prerequisite for optimizing future campaigns.


Why choose us?

First of all, the emailing software requested has no more secrets for our teams. These teams then justifyextensive experience in mail marketingThey are ready to show you the effects of their actions. In addition, we have the ability to develop Modular campaigns that adapt to your different marketing objectives. Finally, all mass mailings and targeted emails that are scheduled are compliant with the RGPD and other legal obligations (presence of an unsubscribe link, possibility to modify contact information, etc.)

Case study

A client who already trusted us with his SEO management was having a hard time attracting people to his ecommerce store through newsletters.

We have significantly reworked the content by airing it out, inserting visuals and by revising the texts to make them more impactful. In addition, our specialists have changed the frequency of sending and added appropriate ATCs. The e-mails were consulted more, and they also increased the conversion rate.

FAQ Emailing and newsletter creation in Geneva

📧 What is emailing / newsletter?

The emailing designates the sending of emails or electronic mails to a group of people having an online messaging system, it is a direct method whose use has intensified with the democratization of the internet.

âť“ Email marketing, for whom?

The advantages of emailing can be of interest to all types of companies that have a contact base (address file) or manage to obtain one.

âť“ How does it work?

The implementation of these advertising campaigns is done by means of emailing software, a tool that allows, among other things, to plan and automate the sending of emails to recipients. The added value of an emailing agency lies in its ability to take full advantage of the functionalities of a newsletter creation software.