International SEO experts in Geneva

Since the internet gives access to all the markets in the world, we might as well take full advantage of this opportunity!

However, referencing your site's pages in other languages is far from easy.

Thus, we encourage you to contact our international SEO experts in Geneva.

They analyze the factors inherent in a multilingual strategy and do everything possible to ensure that you can prosper beyond our borders. This includes producing quality, culturally appropriate content and implementing the right currencies for an e-commerce site.

Our SEO specialists in Romandie will accompany you on a daily basis, examine the data revealed by Google Analytics and optimize your international SEO.

How to implement an international SEO strategy?


The first step is to determine whether it is more relevant to use separate domain names or to opt for the creation of sub-domain versions of your site.

In addition to this work, the technical configuration, which involves in particular the configuration of geographic targeting in Google Search Console and the implementation of the HTML attribute "hreflang tag of the tag.

  • What keywords/queries are entered by your French-speaking prospects outside Switzerland and by Internet users living in other countries?
  • On which international platforms is it possible to get inbound links?


So many questions that our SEO agency can help you answer!

International SEO FAQ in Geneva

🌐 Which companies can consider international web SEO?

On the one hand, this service is indicated to merchants who have the logistical capacity to deliver their products beyond the Confederation. On the other hand, the referencing of a site in several languages necessarily interests the professionals wishing to promote services at a distance to a foreign public.

🗺 Do I need to have multiple sites to do SEO in multiple countries?

Swiss companies thrive on multiple regional websites, with one domain name per language or geographic area. However, it is not mandatory to have several sites to do SEO in several languages.

💲 How much does an international SEO service cost?

The price of referencing a site internationally depends on many factors. It depends on the number of languages in which it is available and the size of the sites.

⌛️ How long does it take to reference your site in a foreign language?

The referencing of a foreign language website requires as much time as that of a conventional platform. The pages must be optimized, the search engine robots are then responsible for indexing them or taking into account their update. In addition, it is important to gradually build up popularity in order to improve positioning, without risking penalties.