Creation of ecommerce site WooCommerce in Geneva

Its name probably doesn't mean anything to people who are not interested in web solutions. However, it already satisfies a large number of e-merchants in Switzerland and abroad! It is WooCommerce, an extension that allows owners of a WordPress website to offer various products for sale online, whatever they are. Although it looks simple to use, it is much more difficult to exploit its full potential. This is where our digital agency, specialized in website creation WooCommerce in Geneva. Our employees combine their skills to deliver visually appealing and fully functional stores.

Firstly, we ensure that the transactions run smoothly and are secure.

Then, it is up to us to configure the extension correctly so that you can do your online business the way you want. This includes installing a theme that matches your visual identity, implementing the payment methods you want and prioritizing the information in a relevant way.

100% SEO Friendly

Creating a website that is ergonomic and adapted to all connected media is necessary but not sufficient!
Indeed, all the resources that make it up must be analyzed by the bots, the robots of the engines that scan the contents published on the web and return them in the form of search results.
By using our web agency in Geneva, you will have a 100% SEO Friendly e-commerce store.
It is for example a child's play to modify the titles of the product sheets of your catalog. You have the opportunity to provide a sitemap to search engines and to propose to your visitors to share your offers in a few clicks on social networks. You benefit from an intuitive text editor that allows you to write exhaustive descriptions, a prerequisite for the development of the long tail. In addition, extensions provide you with recommendations to improve the visibility of your merchant site.

FAQ WooCommerce website creation in Geneva

đź‘€ What is the creation of a WooCommerce site?

This project refers to the operations implemented in order to create an online store using WooCommerce, a popular extension for WordPress.

đź’˛ How much does a WooCommerce site cost in 2020?

The cost of such a service depends on the size of the e-commerce site and the complexity of the features that are added to it. The price increases if you decide to entrust a website creation agency with the maintenance of the store as well as its promotion.

đź›’ What are the different types of WooCommerce sites?

There is a multitude of WooCommerce sites. Their common denominator: allowing Internet users to buy goods or services remotely. These platforms can be generalist like Amazon or specialized in the sale of a certain category of products.

âť“ Why use an agency for your WooCommerce website?

It is advisable to use an agency for the many reasons we have previously mentioned. The design, mobile optimization, security considerations, integration of features absent natively from the CMS, the addition of extensions promoting SEO ... the realization of a successful website requires to mobilize a plurality of skills in the field of web marketing.