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1. Challenge

Cenas is a sleep medicine center specialized in the treatment of sleep disorders and pathologies.

After renewing their entire graphic identity, it was essential for the center to modernize the site but especially to adapt it to its new image.

The Cenas center's objective was to communicate on the modernization of its premises but also to be recognized as a reference center in sleep medicine.

It was also important to take into account the double typology of visitors; namely patients and physicians.

In collaboration with our teams, we have taken into account all of these objectives in order to implement best practices.

2. Solution

To do this, we developed the CENAS website entirely customized to meet the modernization issue and to be in total adequacy with the new visual identity of the center. Particular attention was paid to highlighting the rooms.

The tree structure and ergonomics of the site has been thought to facilitate the navigation of users and find information quickly. To go in this direction, we have also set up a big menu to direct the user to the entry that interests him.