Creation of WordPress websites in Geneva

Everyone agrees that this CMS is full of assets! Its SEO friendly character, its interface adapted to beginners, its regular updates, the astronomical quantity of available templates... it convinces neophytes as well as webmarketing professionals! However, to get a platform that reflects your image, it is advisable to seek the services of a digital agency such as Procab Studio. We offer a WordPress website creation service in Geneva and can quickly give you satisfaction.

We take care of all the steps involved in launching your virtual storefront. This mainly involves the choice and acquisition of a domain name and a host, the installation and configuration of the website as well as the integration of an audience tracking tool such as Google Analytics. We also have the ability to compile data from multiple sites you may own and display them on a single WordPress dashboard. Make an appointment with us to discuss your website creation project.

FAQ Wordpress website creation in Geneva

👀 C'what is a WordPress website?

A WordPress website is simply a digital platform powered by the open-source WordPress CMS, used by many individuals and professionals around the world.

💰 How much does a WordPress site cost?

In absolute terms, the WordPress content management system allows you to create a free website. However, it is highly recommended to use a web agency for a custom development. The cost of the website is then a function of the time spent to design an attractive and efficient platform, with all the desired functionalities.

⌛️ How long does it take to create a WordPress website in 2020?

The time required for the creation of a wordpress site in 2020 depends mainly on its size, that is to say the number of pages of which it consists, but also on the ability of designers to respond quickly to your expectations in terms of design.

🤷♂️ Who is WordPress website design for?

This service is intended for all those who wish to present their products or services on the web, whatever their sector of activity. Those who already have a website can also use our services for a website redesign.