CMS website


  1. Challenge

A very complete and complex ecosystem with many gateways to other tools.

In addition, understanding the multitude of services offered and the personas was a real challenge.

An issue clearly identified in the redesign and which was consequently at the center of the approach, namely : Implementing a local strategy geared towards conversion.


  1. Solution

The implementation of a global device / support including a complete overhaul of the website to start again on a sound basis, including technical / SEO.

The objective was to improve the user experience by reorganizing the content, the storytelling by addressing and structuring the offers according to the identified personas.

Finally, webmarketing actions have allowed to give visibility to the different offers of SEIC.


  1. Result

An informational site, of course, but above all a site that has become transactional in order to facilitate customer relations and also to be able to subscribe or request information directly online from the website, a site turned towards the call to action.

  • Web UI/UX Design & Development
  • Workshops
  • Wireframes
  • SEO
  • Google Ads