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Different solutions are available to companies to develop their online activity. However, natural referencing remains the most interesting lever.

More economical in the long term Compared to Google Adwords sponsored links, it also allows to generate qualified traffic.


Our SEO agency in Geneva is ready to accompany all professionals in Romandie who wish to improve the referencing of a website, whatever the nature of their activity.

Whether you are targeting a local, national or international audienceOur goal is to get your site's pages into the top results of search engines.

What is an SEO agency?


An SEO agency's function is toto increase the audience of its clients' sites from search enginesmainly from Google. Its collaborators, called SEOs, are able to establish a visibility strategy for any website, whether it is a digital storefront or an ecommerce store.

Our SEO agency in Geneva provides you with recommendations that aim toto annihilate all the blocking factors to a good positioning of your site. We can implement them as part of our services, so that you can focus on your core business. Your website has been penalized? Our SEO agency in Romandie analyzes your content and the profile of your incoming links to determine the corrective actions to be taken.

Becoming a leader through SEO

Your site does not appear in the first pages of Google when you do a search on your business? Your competitors are ahead of you in the search engine pages? You feel that your site does not bring you enough contacts, buyers? These are the signs that your natural referencing is obsolete.

A good positioning on Google is more than ever crucial! Indeed, whether to be visible or credible, your company must be well positioned in natural referencing.

SEO is a lever for web presence. 95% of Internet users use Google and for these users the first sites are perceived as leaders in their field. What are you waiting for to contact us?

An SEO agency expert in Google referencing

Our department is composed of experienced SEOs who continuously follow all the evolutions of the search engine algorithms. Since 2004, we have been closely following the way Google considers websites, which allows us to create precise optimization strategies in accordance with the search engine's requirements.

Our SEO consultants base their experience on studies carried out within the agency via our "laboratory", which allows us to understand ever more finely the functioning of the engines' algorithms.

We have learned a lot from the hundreds of sites already referenced by our consultants. Trust us and you'll see a clear difference in your organic positioning.


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SEO: a lever of web presence that cannot be ignored.

95% of Internet users use Google and for these users the first sites are perceived as leaders in their field.

What are you waiting for to contact us?

FAQ SEO Agency Geneva

🎯 How to rank in the top results of Google?

It is necessary to respond more effectively than its competitors to the intentions of requests from Internet users. This implies, among other things, the technical optimization of the site, the realization of web writing and the optimization of internal linking.

💰 What is the price of an SEO strategy?

The cost of natural referencing depends on many factors. It depends mainly on the objectives to be reached, the means engaged and the state of the competition. A service of this nature implies the definition of a strategy and the implementation of multiple actions.

⌛️ What is the duration of an SEO service?

Referencing a website requires several months of work. In the same way, the taking into account of the optimizations by the engines and the concretization of a perennial strategy of netlinking requires a consequent time.

👩 Who is SEO for?

SEO is for all businesses with an online presence that aspire to increase their organic traffic.

SEO - Local SEO

Local SEO is a very important part to consider, especially on mobile since 88% of localized queries lead to a call or visit in less than 24 hours.
It also allows for better visibility by Internet users in the search engine and on maps.
In addition, locality is a relevant criterion for many people.

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SEO Audit

Our SEO audit will allow you to have an adapted analysis of your site and your natural referencing. It takes into account different factors such as your content and the type of website you have. We analyze the keywords, the competition, the performance and architecture of the website, and the netlinking. Your site will then have more chances to be displayed in the first Google searches and to get traffic.

SEO Audit