What is Design and Graphic Creation?

Nowadays, Internet users have a choice of websites gargantuan. If you don't manage to keep their attention and inform them properly, they will quickly leave your platform.

The latter must be pleasant to browse, it is for many Internet users the first image they associate with your brand. The design corresponds to the general appearance of a website, characterized by a sum of graphic elements.

Our Geneva graphic designer's role is to determine the contrasts, alignments, typography, motifs or photographs of your store or your website.

It is up to him to create a graphic design consistent with your brand, serving the messages you want to convey.

FAQ Graphic Design and Creation Agency in Geneva

❓ Why do Design and graphic design?

Design is useful to reinforce the brand identity and the notoriety of the company. In particular, it allows you to convey the values of a brand and to stand out from the competition.

💲 How much does Design and graphic creation cost?

The cost of a design and graphic creation service is a function of the time we mobilize to meet your requirements. If you do not have a visual identity yet, we will be more solicited. It is advisable to analyze your needs, to define the graphic elements and to submit to your approval a graphic charter, even before starting the realization of the design of your site and the printed supports.

⌛️ How long does it take for Design and graphic design?

The time needed depends on the importance of your project, determined in particular by the number of media you want to obtain (logo, website, newsletters, brochures, advertising banners etc.)

🤷♀️ Who is Design and Graphic Design for?

All professionals wishing to communicate effectively have an interest in presenting digital and physical supports with a successful design. We think for example of a restaurant owner who has to make his potential customers' mouths water with an attractive flyer, as well as of an e-merchant whose objective on his commercial site is to enhance his products, inform the Internet user and facilitate the ordering process.