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What products or information are your visitors most interested in? What blocks them in the buying tunnel? How can you improve the performance of your digital campaigns?

Procab Studio, Analytics Agency in Geneva, helps you to see more clearly !

If apprehending the basic functionalities of Google Analytics is within the reach of most people, exploiting its full potential is reserved for web marketing professionals. Our main mission is toexamine the key indicators (KPI), interpret the statistics reported by Google Tag Manager and make recommendations to adjust your digital strategy.


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the name of a free service developed as its name suggests by Google, it allows the measurement and statistical monitoring of a website. This powerful solution has the ability to generate

a multitude of reports and analyses by filtering the collected data. The tool first provides information on traffic sourcesIn particular, it reports the percentage of Internet users coming from search engines. Then, Analytics informs the owner of the site about the profile of its visitors. We can among others discover their geographical origin as well as the devices (desktop or mobile terminals) they use. Moreover, this solution, which appeared in the fall of 2005, provides information inherent to the content consulted by visitors.

Tracking and conversion tracking

We set up the required tracking tags, regardless of the platform on which your site is based (CMS, proprietary development etc.). This includes GTM tag integration and UTM URL tracking.

It is up to our teams to define conversion goals so that you can know the cost per acquisition and many other indicators. By entrusting us with the management of your Google Analytics account, you have the guarantee of an optimal parameterization and avoid overloading your site with unnecessary codewhich may slow down the platform. In addition, we are responsible for tracking and monitoring conversions while respecting the RGPD and the legal obligations.

Tracking conversions

Google Analytics FAQ in Geneva

❓ How to set up Google Analytics?

Setting up Google Analytics requires performing certain tasks. After inserting the tracking code, the tool must be configured. This includes declaring the default page, setting user permissions or connecting Google Ads for site owners who use advertising.

💲 What is the price of a Google Analytics service?

The price of a Google Analytics service depends on the number of hours that our Geneva-based SEOs devote to the study and management of your campaigns, which in turn depend on the size of your site and the commercial objectives that you have set. These expenses are measured in terms of return on investment (ROI), which our teams can help you achieve.

⌛️ How long is an Analytics service?

This work is not comparable to a one-time realization like an SEO audit. Indeed, Google Analytics delivers strategic information on a daily basis. Thus, the data returned can be constantly interpreted to measure the impact of these marketing actions and optimize them.

😎 Who is Google Analytics for?

All companies in Romandie, whatever their sector of activity, can take advantage of the service provided by Google, whether they are responsible for e-commerce sites or professionals wishing to trigger other conversions (leads, making appointments, visits to their physical establishment after the discovery by Internet users of their digital shop window, etc.).