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The new Google - Local Services Ads

During 2016, Google started to display ads in local search on Google Maps. With the arrival of COVID, Google decided to launch the improved version of local search ads and it was in September 2020, after months of testing that a new type of ad was deployed in Switzerland. The web giant has named this new type of ad Local Services Ads or LSA. He defines it as the new generation of proximity search advertising.


Google Services Ads

Also according to Google, 30% of mobile queries made on the search engine require a location. And 75% of Internet users who perform a local search come to the store within 24 hours. That's why LSA advertisements are a major lever for local businesses and SMEs.

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What exactly are Local Services Ads?

It is important for companies to have a good evaluate the synergy between what they invest in local ads and the return on investment. The objective of Local Services Ads is precisely to generate traffic at a physical point of sale, not just online. The service uses geolocation data to determine the user's location. If the user searches near a store, Google automatically suggests a responsive ad.

Here are a few points that summarize the concept:

  • LSAs are paid per lead, not per click. You only pay Google when the user comes in contact with your business. This way, you can bid on a lead base instead of paying for clicks that are much less likely to turn into sales.
  • Local Services Ads are displayed directly in the targeted SERPsregardless of the terminal used by the Internet user (smartphone, digital tablet or computer).
  • Local advertisements are classified according to proximity with the user but also positive reviews left by customers.
  • When you sign up for Local Services Ads, Google performs a verification background, licenses and insurance, etc.


Why can LSAs boost your visibility locally in Switzerland?

  • Appear above Google Ads

Google's Local Services Ads bring several benefits to Swiss businesses that target a specific geographical area. If this is the case for your business, this feature allows you to appear at the top of the Google search results you are targeting. Your sign will even be above the classic ads. It is perfect for gain more visibility and optimize your e-reputation. Whether it is an advertisement or an organic result, Internet users always give more credit to companies that appear first in the SERPs that interest them.

  • Better targeting of your prospects

This feature helps you to better target prospectsThis will greatly increase the conversion rate. Potential customers looking for the services or products you sell will be able to easily contact you and visit your establishment.

  • Better follow-up of your prospects

Moreover, this local advertising service allows you to keep in touch with your customers at any time thanks to a dedicated application. As an example, the app in question automatically records all calls generated from your LSAs. This way, you can listen to them as many times as you want and use them to better meet the needs of your customers in general.

  • Controlling expenses

In addition, if Google charges you for invalid leadsyou can file a challenge to obtain a reimbursement. It is possible to stop the ads without terminating the subscription to Local Services Ads. You can therefore relaunch your LSAs as soon as you wish. All these advantages are available to all Swiss companies that want to reach their target more easily.

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More and more local ads

The LSA campaigns take up the basic principle of marketing as everyone knows it, namely suggest the right content to the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

  • Google only displays your Local Services Ads to users who are likely to visit your store. This feature allows you to adapt your approach according to your needs. If you have several distribution pointsFor example, you can Boost sales in underperforming stores by allocating more budget to its LSAs.
  • Local ads are displayed on Google Maps mobile and desktop. Users can see them at the top of the search feed as well as on the map thanks to a purple pin. By clicking on a local ad, the user is directly redirected to the location's information page. This page offers basic information about the establishment (address, opening hours, customer feedback, photos, etc.).

Google's promise

With Local Services Ads, Google promises to make you more visible when your prospects are searching.

One of the biggest advantages of this feature is to allow you to attract many more visits to your store. Since you can add your phone number in your local ad on Google MapsIn addition, your potential customers have the possibility to contact you directly if they want to get more information about your business. This greatly improves thecustomer experience.

LSAs are much cheaper than the usual click-to-call. They allow you to realize over 60% in savings. Especially since you only pay for calls that last 2 minutes or more. Local Services Ads is an interesting ranking factor that helps your potential customers to come to you. In addition, it is a service that is available to all businesses, regardless of their size and industry.

What you need to know before you start

  • Proximity factor and consumer reviews:

Just like the Google My Business, Local Services Ads campaigns focus on proximity to the user and take into account consumer opinions. The closer your store is to a prospect, the higher the chances that Google will suggest it.

  • Available only for certain categories of companies:

Here is the 2020 list of activities allowed to make Local Services Ads:

  1. Household help
  2. Carpet cleaning
  3. Waste collection
  4. Coverage
  5. HVAC
  6. Moving
  7. Lawn care
  8. Extermination of pests
  9. Plumbing
  10. Repair of household appliances
  11. Electrical services
  12. Garage door services
  13. Tree services
  14. Water damage services
  15. Window cleaning
  16. Window services


  • Background Check:

Certain categories of companies are subject to a check by Google. Still, it should be noted that this verification is the biggest hurdle to implementing LSAs. This process can take up to 5 weeks depending on the company and/or the number of employees.

  • Be responsive!

The most interesting thing about LSAs is the ability to receive leads quickly without spending a broadcast budget. This allows companies, especially SMEs, to test the new program without having to allocate a budget for traditional campaigns. Note that the main ranking factors are proximity and buyer reviews, your responsiveness and the quality of your services remain crucial.

To access the Local Services Ads service, Google does not require you to use traditional Google Ads.

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