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SEO optimized content writing in Geneva

To develop your online business, it is essential to present your products or services clearly. This being the case, it is advisable to attract prospects via search engines, acquisition levers that are particularly used. This requires writing content optimized for search engine optimization, a service that our web agency in Geneva is specialized in.


Whatever the nature of your business, our teams will promote your offers, taking into account the constraints inherent in visibility in Google and other engines.

The objective is to raise the pages of your website in the first search results, so that you can benefit from an increased number of qualified visitors.

FAQ Writing optimized content for SEO in Geneva

đź“° C'what is SEO optimized content?

An SEO optimized content is a text or media (image, video, sound etc.) that can be easily interpreted by the robots of the engines in charge of indexing the resources published on each website. In other words, an SEO content has the best chances to appear in the search results, and therefore to participate in the increase of your audience.

đź’˛ How much does content writing cost?

The cost of writing content can vary from a few dozen euros for a simple article or a single product sheet, to several thousand euros in the case of the realization of a lot of editorial content. Procab Studio's authors are experienced in writing engaging and interesting content.

⌛️ How long does it take to create optimized web content?

The time required to create optimized web content depends on the volume of texts to be produced, as well as the complexity of the subject matter. Our web editors must primarily familiarize themselves with your business sector, determine the most important information to be disseminated, without forgetting to optimize the texts to promote good referencing.

âť“ Why use an agency for your web content or translations?

By trusting a digital agency, you are relieved of many tasks and can focus on your core business. More importantly, you are freed from writing, translation and referencing issues that involve a lot of research and the use of semantic optimization tools.