WooCommerce B2B

Sabag Materials

1. Challenge

As a key player in the construction and renovation industry, Matériaux Sabag's ambition was to clearly establish its presence on the web. Founded in 1925, it is a leading regional company. Present in Delémont, Porrentruy, Moutier and La Chaux-de-Fonds, the company wanted to present the extent of its products and services in a single location in order to facilitate access to information for its private and professional employees.

The challenge we had to take up was to modernize the brand through its website.

The objectives were therefore: 

  • Facilitating access to information
  • To expose the extent of the references as well as the whole of the proposed services
  • Modernize the brand through its website


2. Solution

To do this, we have collaborated closely to achieve the redesign of the site according to a precise specification.

In order to create a catalog with a large number of references and product details, we turned to a WooCommerce solution, the goal always being to facilitate access to information.

Particular attention has been paid to highlighting the different points of sale as well as the services offered by each.