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Community Management activity can be defined as the managing the presence of a brand or organization on social networks.

This practice mainly allows to increase the notoriety of his company, to increase the commitment of its communityto monitor its e-reputation and to provide after-sales service.

In detail, this involves performing different operations, which vary depending on the platform and the social media strategy. These include the publication of posts referring to current events, the organization of contests or the writing of answers to comments.

By calling on our Comunity Management agency in Geneva, you are relieved of all these tasks and can develop your visibility over time.


Our mission in Community Management

Management, optimization and animation of your social networks

Our teams in Geneva master the specificities of the most used platforms. They are able to manage, optimize and animate your accounts on these social networks. The actions implemented allow us to generate conversation, engage your community and build goodwill of your brand.

It is also our job to establish a sales strategy on social networks and to manage your e-reputation. Free speech can be counterproductive for companies that do not follow daily what is said about their business. Thus, it remains essential to follow the mentions that Internet users make about their company and prevent bad buzz.

Influencers & micro-influencers

Collaboration with Swiss influencers

An influencer is someone who can "affect people's behavior or opinions about a topic, service or product. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that is becoming increasingly popular that uses online content creators with large followings, usually on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, or Snapchat.

FAQ Community Management in Geneva

❓ How to get your engagement off the ground with community management?

Various measures can increase engagement on social networks. In particular, it is advisable to improve targeting, to define a publication schedule and to practice A/B testing for advertising campaigns whenever possible.

💹 How to develop your brand awareness with the implementation of an activation?

Using sensibility is one of the most efficient ways to implement brand activation and build brand awareness on a social platform.

📷 How to sell on social networks through community management?

The choice of the right network and the amplification of its content are two of the keys to successfully convert on social networks.

💲 What is the right SMO budget?

It is very difficult to determine the right SMO budget. It mainly depends on the importance of the company and the place it wishes to give to social networks in its marketing strategy. It is important to distinguish the financial resources allocated to the service provider who animates the communities on these platforms from the direct expenses related to advertisements (Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.).