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Web hosting in Geneva

Always looking for the best value for money to host your websiteWe host your site in different data centers according to the specificities of your site.

We take care of everything to guarantee you a better reactivity and global care and to simplify your life with a unique interlocutor.

Customized accommodation


Security constraints, availability of your website, peaks of visits with important load increases, a website with a worldwide audience.

Many of your issues require a customized infrastructure.

In order to respond to them in an optimal way, we propose and set up the best infrastructure to anticipate and respond to them.

Hosting a WordPress site

You can ask us for a problem of hosting a WordPress site. We will carefully study your needs and guide you to the offer that suits you best. Our goal is to determine the most economically advantageous solution that will allow you to present your products/services to your visitors without any restrictions. From the installation of your content on the server to the configuration of your employees' e-mail addresses, including the implementation of performance tests and the renewal of the hosting contract: our experts in Geneva take care of all the fundamental operations.

FAQ Web hosting in Geneva

đź’» What is web hosting?

The hosting of a website corresponds to the storage of its web pages on a specific computer called a server, with the aim of making all the content permanently accessible to Internet users.

đź’˛ How much does it cost to host a website?

The cost of a shared server is around 10 euros per month with most hosting companies. It is necessary to pay several tens of euros per month to host your site on a dedicated server, the cost increases even more when you choose a cloud server.

⌛️ How much time does it take to ensure the'hosting of a website?

The hosting of a website is a permanent service. It is usually sold in the form of a one-year contract.

âť“ Why use an agency for the hosting of a website?

Our webmarketing experts have the skills required to determine your needs and identify the hosting offer that perfectly meets your expectations. By entrusting us with this service, you save yourself from choosing the product of a perfectly referenced supplier, which is not necessarily in phase with your requirements.