Creation and production of Web videos in Geneva

Having a lively and immersive site requires video, broadcasting according to connections is no longer a problem today and Internet users are fond of this mode of communication, so let's take advantage of it!

Creation of background videos

The number of video views is now booming, whether on specialized platforms or through social networks as well.

Why not take advantage of this and put it to work for your company by differentiating yourself?

A mood video allows you to feel the atmosphere and give a unique touch to your website.

Creation of video interviews in Geneva

Presenting a vision, a know-how, a product with a video is a good way to promote your company, to pass a message in an impactful way.

Not to mention that a video is easily shared and will have a greater and more attractive resonance than a simple text.

Creation of corporate videos in Geneva

We have communication professionals who can produce your corporate videos in Geneva. Transitions, sound effects, editing...each step of the creation process is given special attention!  

In order to develop productions that meet our clients' expectations, we use top-of-the-line equipment and carry out rigorous location scouting before shooting. 

Among the tasks we perform, it is our responsibility to advise professionals on the staging. In addition, we suggest to our clients adequate solutions regarding the promotional use of the newly created videos. 


📹 What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is simply a communication medium that is part of a marketing strategy. Its purpose can be to present the general activity of the company or to promote its offers in particular.

🎬 How much does a corporate video cost?

If the most economical films are generally billed at a few hundred euros, the most ambitious videos in terms of content and form require an investment of several thousand euros.

📼 How long does it take to create a corporate video?

The creation of a corporate video requires several weeks of work. It includes the pre-production phase (concept, research, storyboard, etc.), the production phase (shooting the video) and the final phase called post-production.

🎦 Why use an agency to create your corporate video?

The realization of such a project requires certain skills in the field of multimedia communication and the use of professional equipment. It is undoubtedly the type of service of a digital agency that mobilizes the most human resources.