Creation of showcase sites in Geneva

Procab Studio offers various digital solutions to professionals wishing to increase their sales. Among them, we distinguish the service of creation of window sites in Geneva.

Webmasters, developers, web design specialists... our members have the know-how to design and create platforms that are fully in line with our clients' digital strategy.

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From the selection of the host to the choice of the domain name and the installation of the CMS: we take care of all the steps involved in the creation of a showcase site.

This communication medium is not only useful to develop the brand image. Indeed, it allows to convert Internet users in various ways (newsletter registration, quotation, phone booking, etc.) and can be the cornerstone of a cross-channel strategy.

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FAQ Website creation in Geneva

What is a showcase website?

🙌A showcase website constitutes a webmarketing tool that a company or brand can use to achieve various goals. This kind of digital business card is usually contrasted with the ecommerce website, a platform that as its name suggests allows a merchant to sell products remotely.

💰 How much does a showcase site cost?

The cost of a showcase site depends mainly on its size and the features it has. A small digital showcase of a few pages is much more economical than a showcase site that presents a company, its product catalog and provides various other resources.

⌛️ How long does it take to create a showcase website in 2020?

The creation of a showcase website is also a function of its size, but also of the resources that you want to allocate to this web project.

🤷♂️ Who is the showcase site creation for?

All the professionals in search of notoriety can resort to this tool, that they target the private individuals or other companies within the framework of a B to B activity. Associations, restaurants, hotels, craftsmen, wholesalers and industrialists are among the many categories of professionals who can put a showcase site online.