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Promote your properties and your agency

A digital storefront is the best level in digital communication. Indeed, the visibility offered by a website is all the more important as it offers a support to your customers to find you and get in touch with you.

A well built website allows your agency to gain visibility. Thanks to search engines, your customers and prospects have access to important information about your business. The site is also a showcase to present your different properties.

All this information can be consulted without interruption and from anywhere in the world. Procab allows you to make an investment that will help you to increase the reputation of your real estate agency.

A dedicated website for your real estate promotion

Do you want to succeed in your real estate promotion? The website is the best way to achieve this. The Web has become the medium par excellence to promote real estate projects. This growing digitalization is at the base of the change in the habits of sellers and buyers.

Indeed, 90% of the real estate projects were concretized thanks to this support. They are 89% of salesmen, that is to say almost 9 salesmen on 10, to have used Internet to seek a professional of the real estate. Among Millennials (16 to 35 years old), 51% have found their primary residence on the Web.

So you understand that for a real estate professional, digital visibility is not an option, but a necessity. Digital uses are constantly increasing, forcing the real estate market to become more digital. Faced with a real estate market that is becoming more and more digital, the website continues to be one of the best visibility supports for real estate promotion.

Your competitors have understood this. Most of them do not hesitate to exploit this tool to get more traffic and gain visibility. Many of them have a website that they are exploiting to its full potential, gaining market share that should have gone to you if you had visibility on the Web. It's time for you to act.

Connect your website to your Real Estate CRM

When you invest in the creation of your real estate agency's website, you must be able to exploit and profit from it. You should know that the key to making money on the project is to focus on the quality of the relationship with your target customers. For this, using a CRM is one of the best options.

The use of a CRM is totally in line with the philosophy of a company that wishes to have an optimal management of its relations with prospects and customers. To this end, the CMR or Customer Relationship Management is a software used to record, monitor and analyze the interactions between your real estate agency and your customers.

Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, social network profiles - all of this information about customers can be automatically recorded with a CRM. In addition to contact information, the tool allows you to target data on customer preferences in terms of communication. The ultimate goal is to create a 360-degree view of customer relationships in order to improve interaction with them.

However, it turns out that customer relations are at the heart of the marketing strategy of real estate agencies. To communicate well with your customers in order to build a bond of trust, you have the choice between several real estate CRMs such as :

  • Immomig ;
  • Quorum;
  • Realforce;
  • Broker Partners.

A powerful and design website

Trust Web Procab for the creation of your real estate agency's website. We guarantee you a Web site that is not only efficient, but also  a design in the air of time.

Integration of your sales management software

Procab Web Agency offers to link your real estate website with a sales management software. You can update your real estate listing more easily. Thanks to the regular integration of new properties, your customers are notified in real time. This presence and reactivity not only improves the reference of your site, but also the quality of your customer service.

Creation of an online form and estimate

Creating a real estate website allows you to provide your customers with a support. Thanks to the contact form, they can get in touch with your real estate agency more easily. You also have the possibility to integrate to your website an online property estimation tool for sellers.

Website creation for real estate developer

If you are a real estate developer, a website is an inevitable showcase. It is a showcase that puts your services forward in a personalized way. Depending on whether your activity is focused on renting, selling or managing real estate, the website will know how to target the right customers thanks to the use of adequate keywords.

FAQ Real Estate Website

❓Why entrust the creation of its real estate website to a Web agency?

The creation of a website is a tedious project, because it involves taking into account many aesthetic and technical levers (tree structure, hosting, referencing...). By entrusting your project to a Web agency, you are accompanied by a professional who advises you and helps you in your choices. You have the insurance to have a complete and customized website that allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

❓Is it still useful for a real estate agency to have a site?

Buyers and sellers alike have made the Internet the preferred means of searching for real estate agencies. Today more than ever, a real estate agency must have a website. This showcase allows it to be visible to potential customers and to make its products easily accessible. Behind the website of a real estate agency, there is a real financial stake.

❓What is the best CMS for a real estate website?

The CMS (Content Management System) is a content management system composed of several software programs used to design, manage and update websites. For a real estate website, WordPress remains the best CMS. With easy-to-use features, the CMS integrates fully responsive templates, hundreds of plugins for site customization and good SEO.

❓What domain name to choose for your real estate agency?

The development of your real estate agency via a website depends on the choice of a good address. Your real estate domain name must contain a keyword related either to your catchment area or to real estate. In addition, it must be: 1. descriptive and short; 2. easy to understand and remember; 3. without special characters or numbers;

❓Why create a custom website?

To stand out from the competition, you can't choose a basic website without any customization. A customized real estate website is one that highlights all aspects of the real estate business on the one hand and your agency on the other. It highlights your personality, your competitive advantages and your added value.

❓Is the design of your real estate website important?

The technical foundations of your real estate site are important, but they should not take precedence over the design. The well worked design also allows your site to be qualitative and reliable with your customers. Thanks to it, the user experience of the Internet users is better. Offering a good user experience increases your chances of converting and retaining them.

Thanks to Procab's unique expertise in real estate search engine optimization, we allow you to not only reach the first page in Google, but also to be positioned.